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live recorded single by Run Remedy

the song

....Where are you hanging your head, now?

the video

Some copy ideas...

Run Remedy unveils earnest, irreverent new single: Turf War

Alt-indie artist Run Remedy is set to release Turf War - the latest musical statement of an American who's fallen straight through the UK looking glass. The new single is both a playful jab and cry of frustration at the grief of straddling mulitple battle lines. Switching from the hushed back garden acoustics of the artist's earlier work, Run Remedy has become more ambitious with her “gripping soundscapes”(Salford Now) by stepping out of the studio entirely to capture the clatter and chaos of a live band in real time.

Turf War captures the nuances of displacement.We’re all just collage workRun Remedy explains. “Identity feels like a big, cluttered mess of things we pick up as we move along.” - an unsurprising sentiment from the inconveniently queer daughter of church leaders, globetrotter, and only occasional social butterfly.


The result is a stomping release and insight into the artist's unease at being caught between clichés, a continued dialogue from her debut EP, Wife – described as “luminous and subtly engulfing” (Jammerzine) and “absolutely stunning” (BBC Radio 4). 

The single draws inspiration from others who likewise dabble in capturing the magic of live sound ( Feist, Big Thief, Pinegrove). The song's playful lo-fi aesthetic and lyrical quips eventually give way to building polyrhythmic changes and recorded overlays, delivering an intricate audio experience. "...for anyone who enjoys a bit of turbulence in their songs,” Run Remedy remarks.

Recording the Video

Filmed live at Pear Mill's Vintage Emporium in Stockport, Turf War offers a glimpse into the processes required to bring the single to life – part ‘making of’ and part 'live recording' -  featuring Run Remedy's own crew of misfits: sound engineering from Tony Draper and production and drumming from Rhys Jiang, as well as video assistance from Evan Wilson, it's a snapshot of a day filled with camaraderie, inside jokes, and the joy of creating music.


The video is rough-around-the-edges, reminiscent of childhood performances – passing the camera around “like when you’re gathering all the kids from the block together in your garage to put on a show,” Run Remedy reflects. The homemade quality showcases her collaborative creative style, opting to embrace the unpredictable and capture the fun, intimate moments that naturally arise.

She also loves the location: “Shout out to Jess!" the manager of The Vintage Emporium, "...It was a risk, but Tony, Rhys, and I were stunned at how great the room sounded. There’s something so special about recording in a lived-in space.”


About Run Remedy

Run Remedy is the musical project of Robin Koob—self-proclaimed Jersey trash and Manchester 'string-slut'. Robin's particular flavour of Americana is laced with equal parts grief and fun-loving irony, exploring the complexities of familial rejection, patriotism, and living in the shadows of clichés. It offers a “moving, melancholic” (BBC Radio Kent)
experience reminiscent of artists like Julia Jacklin, Fiona Apple, and Andy Shauf. With a penchant for both candour and wisecracks, her songs speak to empathetic listeners who, as Robin explains, “enjoy a cheesy joke as much as a good cry.”

With her violin and ever-expanding pedal board, Robin has hustled her way from America’s East Coast to Asia, Germany, and the UK. She has collaborated with artists across a full spectrum of genres, building her own creative voice that—like her—defies simple definition.

Check out Turf War on your favourite digital platform from [date], and let your musical tastes decide if it’s your cup of tea – or coffee.

the artwork


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