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Xtian Skate Night
(the album) 

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Making peace with our upbringing is a life-long journey, and for most of us, not one often set to music. But for those of us ready to make light...and dark of it, here is Xtian Skate Night -  a debut album bursting with equal parts heart-breaking tenderness, celebration, & tongue-in-cheek irreverence by artist Robin Koob aka  Run Remedy.


Self-proclaimed 'string slut' of Manchester and openly queer escapee of evangelical America, Robin summons a host of musical references in XSN to paint a picture of personal acceptance, regret, and forgiveness about her teenage years in the enclaves of conservative suburban New Jersey.


The results are striking, from the tragedy of a life lost too soon in 'Kerosene,' the mental scream of being saved against your will in 'Disciple, or the mixture of fear and excitement of a forbidden first kiss in the eponymous synth banger 'Xtian Skate Night,' these songs will both stir and soothe your soul.


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